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Stream Of Life
Stay Well Institute Teaching Ministry

750 East 82nd Street
Chicago, Il 60619


Learn the Most Valuable and Useful Skill…
How to Stay Alive

Basic Study Courses

How to Live Forever
Health, Wealth, and Wisdom: Eve’s Birthright
Herbs: Medicine for the Healing Of Man
Death: Eviction from the Temple Of God
Death: The High Cost of Doing Wrong
Death: The Wages of Sin
Abundant, Eternal Life: The Wages of Righteousness
Five Basic Food Groups – Roots, Stems, Leaves, Fruits and Flowers
All Disease Is Curable: Ask God and Do Right
Food Is Your Best Medicine – How to Eat to Stay Well
I Don’t Want to Get Sick
How to Get Fit For Godliness
Cooking, The art of Mass Genocide
A Tree That’s Planted by the Water
How to Stay Young Forever
Green Plants, The Earth’s Sanitation System
Water, the elixir of Life and the Fountain of Youth
Posture Makes Perfect

Physiognamy – The Art of Analyzing Facial Features to Determine the State of Health and Character of an Individual

Iridology – A Science Revealing Pathological and Functional Disturbances In the Human Body by Means of Abnormal Spots, Lines and Discoloration of the Eye

Zone Therapy
Medicinal Herbs
Causes of Disease
What to Eat, When to Eat, How to Eat, Why You Eat
God Has a Survival Plan
Live Food Diet
Longevity, Lost Secret of the Ancients
The Tree of Life
Introduction to Wellness
The Basic Principles of Wellness
The Basic Ingredients of Perfect Health
How to Care For the Temple Of God
Spirituality in the Fast Lane

Mankind is a Rainbow – The Seven Colors of Men, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Indigo

Healing the Body through Dance Therapy
Dancing As an Act of Worship
Walking and Talking With God
Inspirational Therapy
Fasting As an Act of Praise
How to Make Things Happen – Fast!
The Ten Commandments of Health
The Proper Name for God in English
I Want To Be Perfect. Don’t You?
Overeating: Cause and Cure
Only the Strong Survive
God Helps Those Who Obey
Healing Ourselves
How to Get Well and Stay Well
Keeping Ourselves Healthy With Food
Making Our Own Herbal Medicines

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Most Dangerous Foods
Eliminate these foods to improve the quality of your life.

1. White Sugar
Robs the body of vitamins, especially vitamin E. Causes drowsiness, temper, violence. Damages soft tissues of the heart, kidneys, and liver. Substituting with artificial sweeteners is dangerous. Kills the immune system (vital to fight disease). ABSOLUTELY NO NUTRIENTS! All sweeteners should be used sparingly.

2. White Flour
Causes constipation, increases sugar level. ABSOLUTELY NO NUTRIENTS!
3. Soft Drinks Kidney Problems, weakness, and loss of eyesight. Draws phosphorous out of bones. Possible cause of osteoporosis.

4. Red Meat
Bacteria infested. Cancer causing. Increases the workload of the kidney and liver. Inflammation of the nerves and muscles. Often worm infested.

5. Coffee & Tea
Caffeine dramatically devastates the nervous system. Decreases friendly bacteria in colon.

6. Dairy Products
(Ice cream, cheese, yogurt) Dangerous chemicals injected, mucous forming, inability to digest (especially in blacks).

7. Tap Water
Full of foreign matter. Active viruses, bacteria, and chemicals that cause cancer, kidney stones. Constipation, arthritis, inflames intestinal tract. Excessively high chlorine content.

8. Alcohol
Robs the body of nutrients, over works the kidneys. Often leads to cirrhosis of the liver and mental disability.

9. Salt
Dries out the tissues. Hardens organs and wrinkles skin.

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